Aubrey T.

Office Manager

During the beginning of my fourth pregnancy I started noticing right away my hips shifting and my left leg would slip out of socket quite regularly, causing pain. I thought this would be the beginning of a very uncomfortable pregnancy since I had not even gained any weight yet.  Then, at about twenty weeks along I sat up early one morning to blow my stuffy nose and BAM! Something happened. My shoulder blades tightened so much I could not move my neck at all. It brought me to tears to even breathe. All I could think about was that Back to Health Chiropractic office by the Maceys grocery store.
I was welcomed with a smile a thorough exam and the first of my treatments. Dr Berube had arranged a treatment plan for me on my next visit. I came as planned I was instructed on exercises and stretches I could do to maximize my results. As much pain as I had been in that first day, I took no chances. I did as instructed. Wow! I started improving rapidly and feeling great.  I continue to come and I’ve had no more hip problems. I would have thought by now my leg would be slipping and the sciatic pain I had in previous pregnancies would be back, but no. I’m in good hands here and dare not take any chances in missing my appointments. I should have got this care long before I was to the point of such severe pain. So I say to anyone reading this love yourself enough to take care of yourself.

Lesa B.

Marketing Representative

My back hurt and was swollen for about five years.  I had been in a few car accidents and my job requires me to wear high heels all day.  This has taken a toll on my back. The stress of my job and being a full time single parent literally gives me a pain in my neck. My problems interfere with the simple things in my daily life like driving, sitting, or even simply turning my head. Not to mention the strain on my relationships.  When my friends invite me to dinner with them I have to turn them down due to the amount of pain in my back. That is no fun because pretty soon they quit inviting you and your social life is in the toilet.
I saw Dr. Berube and wanted to see how he could help me. He is awesome, very smart, and I have learned a lot just by listening to him. I love how he explains everything.  Now I know that the C2 nerve helps sinuses. I recommend everyone to Dr. Berube, he is the best! I love how much better my neck and back feel and am amazed by how much my sinuses have improved. Before being seeking chiropractic help I had to be on an antibiotic about three times a year and this year I have not had to use any. I stand straight, I feel better all around, and it’s because of chiropractic! Everyone must do it! The staff at back to Health is wonderful they make me laugh and feel so comfortable. I look forward to my appointments, not only to feel better but to see everyone I have grown to adore.

Tim P.

Retail Sales

My life changed forever when I was in a car accident when I was 12 years old. Ever since then I had continual pain in my back and neck areas. I also recently discovered that the major cause of my sinus issues was that same accident. Being involved in sports and especially football did not help better my situation either. I had become accustomed to the constant spasms and other pains. That is until I met the doctors at Back to Health Chiropractic.
Dr. Berube has changed the way I view chiropractic care and has educated me how to truly take care of my body. During the six weeks that I have been receiving treatment the biggest improvement I have noticed is not having spasms in my back, better sleep at night, and having my sinuses drain without medication. This has allowed me to have such an improved lifestyle. I will always be in debt to Dr.Berube and will forever refer people to him. Thank you for everything!!

Monica M.

Office Administrator

I was having headaches, body aches, fatigue, depression, neck, and back aches which were interfering with my work and my everyday life. Since I have been coming in for care I have more energy and think more positively about life.  Dr.Berube is an awesome doctor, very upbeat, always positive and very caring.  The staff is great!  My daughter and I look forward to our visits. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Peggy W.


I had back and neck problems that I started having about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. They began slowly and got to the point that turning my neck hurt. I drove by and saw the clinic sign and checked to see if they were in my insurance network.  I started coming in about three months ago and now I can move my neck with ease and my back has improved greatly. I like the way the doctor explains what he is doing and how it helps.

Tari T.


I’ve been having multiple problems with stiffness and muscle spasms in my upper back and neck after suffering from a shoulder injury. These problems have been a constant problem for almost two years. My lifting was restricted which affected my work and altered my ability to do normal house work. I found out about Back to Health Chiropractic and when I went in I was told I could improve my day to day activity and life. After just two weeks of daily adjustments, slowly increasing my activities, and doing appropriate strengthening exercises I have had wonderful improvement in my neck pain and spasms in my shoulders. I feel so much better with sleeping problems and normal daily activity. I feel my posture is improving and I am all around more comfortable in my body. I have recommended Chiropractic care to many of my co-workers.  Without chiropractic I feel I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today on my own.

Stacy G. & Sarah B.

Homemaker and Daughter

We first came to Back to Health Chiropractic after our auto accident. We were miserable and had heard great things from my mother who was being treated for a work-related injury as well as other chronic pain. The doctors and staff took care of us right away. Aside from the injuries we had from our accident we also had some chronic problems for some years. My daughter and I were not sleeping well, had headaches, back pain, neck pain, digestive problems, and more… My quality of life was very poor.
Now, the pain from the accident is gone, we are sleeping better, have better attitudes (overall mood), and even our quality of life is better.  I find myself enjoying my family more and being able to have fun with them again.  Both doctors are GREAT and treat us like gold. The staff is friendly; we are blessed to have chosen Back to Health for our Chiropractic care.

Verl B.


I decided to seek treatment at Back To Health Chiropractic because I was suffering for a long time with lower back pain and stiffness. These problems happened gradually over time causing me loss of mobility and strength. I was referred by a friend named Katie and since my treatment began I am still in the process of healing, but I have seen many changes. The staff is great. The spinal care class was good, and the treatment is going well.

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