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Most people think that headaches or back pain is normal and that they are healthy until the pain becomes persistent or they get sick. The truth is any pain, numbness, energy loss, illness, etc. is a symptom indicating that problems have already developed inside.

Drugs can offer some temporary relief of symptoms but ignore the cause and leave damaging side effects. True health is restored only when all underlying problems are corrected and healthy habits are maintained.

Most health problems originally stem from stress such as a car accident, repetitive motion, emotional trauma, etc. which creates small or large amounts of tissue damage inside.  A vulnerable spine can weaken or misalign causing a change in posture and even irritate or pinch spinal nerves exiting from the spine blocking vital brain signals. In turn, functions slow and health diminishes leading to symptoms, disease, poor posture, disc problems, arthritis, etc. This type of health problem is called a vertebral subluxation.

At our office new patients receive a full health history and consultation followed by a thorough exam and X-ray imaging to identify and to assess the extent of damage from subluxation or decay. The doctor personally explains the results and reports the problem causing your symptoms and then recommends a care program to not just eliminate symptoms but correct the problem and restore your health and lifestyle.

Correcting subluxations is a process involving gentle and specific spinal adjustments. Physical therapy, exercise, and nutritional supplements may also be prescribed to support your alignment. As nerves begin to function again your health improves and you start healing to truly get at your best!

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