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Work Injuries

Sometimes it is hard to report an injury at work for the worry of what management will think or say or the fear of being penalized, etc. Companies pay for Worker’s Compensation insurance by law to help victims in a work-related accident to get the help they need to be restored whole and healthy. After all, work injuries make it difficult to work well and can prevent the victim from working at all.
Typically, work-related injuries involve a specific body area and are usually soft-tissue related. No one better than a well trained chiropractor to care for these types of problems. Why? Because studies show up to 10 times less cost to the insurance company and 10 times less time away from work for those workers who go to a chiropractor as opposed to a medical provider. This means less money lost to the worker who is not working due to an injury!
It is true that if your company is contracted with a specific company (like Work-med) to examine you after an accident and verify your injuries that you must first go there. But the rules of Worker’s Compensation then allow you to go anywhere you choose to get care for your injuries regardless of what the Work. Comp. medical provider tells you.
Our office has worked with work-related injuries for years with terrific success and have assured that the worker returns to work in a healthy state quickly. We know how to work with Worker’s compensation insurances to assure smooth authorization of your visits to our office. In addition, we will make sure your injury heals to the best point possible so you can resume your personal life too.

1) Report your injury to your employer even if you don’t think it was really serious (sometimes pain only comes later). You must fill out an initial injury report from your employer.
2) Seek an examination from a work-related injury specialist immediately. If your employer is contracted with a Work-Med” clinic you must go there first for an evaluation but then you can go anywhere that works with Workers’ Compensation insurance.
3) Take the doctor’s advise and follow it well. The insurance company will be watching to make sure you do so they know you have really been hurt. This may require you to take time off work (Workers’ Compensation insurance will compensate you for the time off).

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