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Chronic Pain

Chronic means ongoing, long-term pain usually greater than 3-4 months.

But why do people suffer so long? Because they slowly got to that point. It is like cooking a frog, do you put him in boiling water alive? No, because he’ll jump out. Instead, you put the frog in cool water and slowly heat it up. The frog gets used to his new environment and doesn’t feel any different until it is too late.

People in pain may suffer for years because they may get used to feeling that way and don’t know anything different. Chronic sufferers also don’t know what else to do because they usually feel they’ve tried everything.

Where does chronic pain come from? It comes from old health problems that have never been fixed like that old football injury, or that “bad” knee. Old health problems come from new health problems that go unresolved. Old health problems lead to permanent health problems. This is when the body cannot heal and “cure” or recover from the damage that has been created. Does this affect quality of life? Yes, and there are millions of American who suffer from symptoms that come from permanent health problems.

Arthritis is one of the biggest causes of chronic health problems. When spinal misalignment occurs from injury (whether an accident or stress over time) the joint becomes damaged and unable to function correctly. This begins to wear and tear the joint causing cartilage and/or discs to be worn thin leading to bone spurring and soft tissue scarring. This is osteoarthritis and all injuries that go unattended will lead to this type of arthritis.

How can this be fixed or prevented?

Although chronic problems can take time to heal they can heal. Specific chiropractic care restores joint alignment and function to stop the damaging process and keep the joint working properly. Exercise is important to strengthen the surrounding soft tissue to keep the joint working right. Nutritional supplements to aid in the repair of cartilage loss are also very beneficial. Specific details are found in our Patient Section but that is password protected. Should you want access just call our office at 801-565-9500.

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