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It is stressful dealing with the after effects of an auto accident and making mistakes can make it even more difficult. Forms and reports to the insurance company, car repairs, attorneys, potential law suits, and insurance company pressure to settle early (to avoid paying the auto accident victim as much) can be overwhelming. Perhaps the biggest and most costly mistake a victim can make is when they stress about fixing their car while ignoring the needs of their own physical body.

Although forces in auto accidents can cause up to 40,000 lbs. of shear stress (enough to cut through a telephone pole), victims may not see broken bones or extensive bruising because auto-related injuries affect the entire body, not always specific body parts. Also, victims may not even “feel” injured or at least not “bad enough” at first because our body produces adrenaline or goes into “shock” which acts like a natural pain killer. Symptoms from an accident may take months or even years to show up.

Even when symptoms aren’t immediately apparent, whiplash is among the most common injury. This is when the forces from impact cause excessive movement in the body causing tearing and internal damage to muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments or our “soft tissues”. Other common symptoms include not feeling like your “normal self”, dizziness, blurry vision, headaches, mid or low back pain, muscle stiffness or spasms, neck pain, numbness and tingling, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, irritability, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and many others.

Children can suffer the same injuries as adults because they are subjected to the same forces in the accident that injured the adult. Although children may be more resilient and heal faster than an adult, they should be given the same level of care and attention to assure they don’t suffer long-term problems when they become adults.

According to the Insurance Research Council, about 1/3 of all claimants injured in motor vehicle accidents seek treatment from doctors of chiropractic. The reason so many choose chiropractic care is simple – it is exceptional in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. One study evaluated 190 whiplash victims and found that those who received chiropractic care reported treatment satisfaction of 100%.

Considering that the National Safety Council (NSC) states that there are more than 12 million accidents annually involving over 20 million vehicles, there are people in more than 13 million motor vehicles that are either ignoring their symptoms or not getting the type of care necessary to heal well and get back at their best. Ignoring injuries allows them to get worse over time leading to post-traumatic osteoarthritis and subluxation. This decay process damages the posture, the joints, and nerves and causes spinal disc degeneration and scar tissue leading to chronic stiffness, lost movement, and disease. This diminishes quality of life!

If you have experienced a motor vehicle accident don’t make the mistake of ignoring the symptoms you may be feeling. Don’t believe you are not injured just because you are not currently feeling symptoms. Always get checked by a chiropractic and soft tissue specialist so you know the extent of damage inside. Medical doctors or ER doctors are not well trained to care for auto-related injuries or even detect injuries that do not show up immediately unless they are life-threatening.

Our office has worked with auto-related injuries for many years. If you are injured, we will detect your injuries even if you haven’t felt them yet. Should you also need help from another provider or an attorney we will refer you to the best people available to fulfill that type of need and free of cost to you. Our proven treatment methods have helped hundreds of accident victims to get well again and resume normal, healthy lives. After all, that’s what really counts!

What steps should you take after an accident to make sure you get the help you need?

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