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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy supports the alignment process by strengthening soft tissue and improving coordinated movements of your spine. This is especially important for longevity of improvement and spinal alignment.

We utilize the following therapies depending upon your specific needs:

  1. Active rehabilitative exercise with equipment in the office to strengthen and support damaged spinal and other body regions.
  2. Intersegmental traction therapy to improve blood circulation in injured tissues, create global range of spinal motion, and hydrate discs.
  3. Electrical stimulation therapy to directly improve blood circulation to accelerate tissue healing, reduce muscle spasm, and decrease pain.
  4. Ice therapy to reduce acute inflammation to speed healing.
  5. Decompression therapy to decompress bulging and herniated discs and improve overall spinal health and function. Learn more…
  6. Home rehabilitative exercise with equipment to gain spinal stability on a daily basis and to enable you to return to normal activity as soon as possible. Learn more…
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