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The chiropractic adjustment is the specialized art and science of chiropractic and takes years to perform well. The adjustment is the main type of care from a chiropractor involving gentle pressure to align misaligned bones. This removes nervous interference in the body allowing you to heal and get at your best, creates better movement and flexibility for better daily activity, and improves posture to reduce the chance of developing degenerative arthritis.

Although we utilize a diversity of techniques and styles including the use of the activator, drop tables, and the diversified approach, we perform the chiropractic adjustment to:

  • Remove spinal subluxations for optimum alignment to reduce spinal stress and damage
  • Remove nerve pressure or interference to create health of the spine, nerves, and body. Restoring nerve function is the essential ingredient in being able to heal.
  • Reduce pain, spasm, stiffness, numbness, and inflammation.

Although adjustments can create soreness, especially at first, they should usually be comfortable and even pleasant. Our doctors are trained to give gentle and effective adjustments.

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