Allergies and Chiropractic

Millions of Americans alter their summer because of allergies. For many of us, allergies mean not being able to enjoy a certain outdoor-part of life. Doing yard work, playing golf, or taking a walk should all be a part of summer time fun. But, for allergy sufferers, it can mean misery.

 While anti-histamines (both prescription and non-prescription) may help to reduce the severity of some symptoms they are not without side-effects, especially in children whose allergies may be treated with a life time of medication. But medications do nothing to resolve the cause of allergies; they simply reduce the severity of the symptoms.

 For this reason, natural alternatives to anti-histamine medication should be pursued. Because allergies are caused by an improper immune response, reducing allergies requires improving the health of the immune system. There are several ways to help accomplish this:

 1) Nutrition is vitally important for properly functioning immune system. Without the essential nutrients, the body cannot produce the cells need for immune function, and allergies are a good example of a sputtering immune system. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

2) Drink more water.

3) Get more exercise.

4) Eat more complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids into your diet by eating whole grains and fresh fish. It is important to note that even food can be a source of allergies.

5) One of the best ways to improve immune system function is to improve nervous system function. Because the nervous system regulates the immune system, a properly functioning nervous system is better able to coordinated immune cell activity.

6) The final way is by having Chiropractic adjustments. They help MANY allergy sufferers by improving the health of their nervous system.

By improving your overall health through diet, exercise, and chiropractic adjustments, a healthier you may mean an allergy-free you!


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